Take Action

As a 100% local and grassroots movement, we are relying on members of the community to make its vision of greater voter participation and engagement a reality.


Earlier this year we launched a GoFundMe to finance our effort to give Montclair an elected BOE. You can also donate via PayPal (http://www.paypal.com/erikdamato) or Venmo @erikdamato (if required last four digits of the phone number are 7448). Those who would like to donate via paper check, bank transfer or some other method should drop us a line at hello@votemontclair.org.

Canvassing and Outreach

We will also be needing help with canvassing and outreach for the elected BOE and municipal election reform campaigns. Those who are interested should drop us a note at hello@votemontclair.org.

You can also contact Vote Montclair founder Erik D’Amato directly (646) 717 7448 or sign up for email updates via the below form.

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