Electing a Board of Education

Vote Montclair’s current focus is helping Montclair join 97% of the other municipalities in New Jersey where local boards of education are elected by voters rather than appointed by the mayor.

Following a series of public surveys, community outreach and research into the many related legal and technical questions, on February 27th we launched an official petition to trigger a referendum on the issue.

To cover the anticipated expenses of the petition drive we earlier launched a GoFundMe with an initial target of $12,000. All proceeds will go to covering the legal fees and technology needed for an legally-compliant online petition. (Supporters can also contribute to the effort via PayPal or Venmo by clicking here).

We will also be needing help with canvassing and outreach.

Finally, we have compiled a detailed F.A.Q. covering many of the legal and technical issues related to the conversion of Montclair’s Board of Education from one appointed by the mayor to one elected by its voters.

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