Official Petition Launched for Referendum on Elected Board of Education in Montclair

(February 27, 2021) An official petition was launched today seeking a referendum for an elected Board of Education in Montclair. The petition appears on the website of Vote Montclair, an independent civic group started in 2020 with the aim of increasing voter participation in the Township.

“After more than six months of outreach, voter surveys, legal research, fundraising and technical fiddling, I’m overjoyed to finally see voters having their say,” said Vote Montclair founder and campaign co-chair Erik D’Amato.

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The official Committee of Petitioners is led by campaign co-chair Jason Sargis, and consists of a diverse and engaged group of community members who believe Montclair should join the 97% of New Jersey municipalities where voters rather than politicians choose who sits on the BOE.

“What we’ve seen over the last few years is that the time has come for the people themselves to decide who represents them in setting educational policy,” said Committee member Reggie Valentine, who is a product of the Montclair Public Schools and is now president of the PTA at Nishuane and a board member of the Montclair Community Pre-K. In addition to Sargis and Valentine, the Committee includes retired educator Beatrice Price, longtime PTA and community leader Selma Avdicevic, and Rodolfo Valdez.

The petition follows guidelines developed in the wake of New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s executive order allowing for the electronic collection of signatures for initiative and referendum petitions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Under state law, the petition must garner a number of signatures exceeding 15% of the votes cast in the most recent election for state assembly in the district to trigger a referendum on converting Montclair’s school district from an unelected “Type I” model to an elected “Type II” model. This works out to 1,020 signatures though organizers of the campaign aim to collect at least double that.

For additional information on the reclassification effort, visit this detailed F.A.Q., or contact the campaign at

About Vote Montclair

Vote Montclair is a non-partisan, local grassroots movement working to increase voter participation and engagement in the Township of Montclair. It can be found online at

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