Vote Montclair releases survey on elected Board of Education

Vote Montclair has released a survey on the adoption of an elected Board of Education, and other questions related to voter engagement in the township.

The survey will guide Vote Montclair in its efforts to have the township covert from an appointed Board of Education to one elected by voters.

Currently, Montclair is one of just 11 of New Jersey’s 565 municipalities where members of the local Board of Education are appointed by the mayor rather than elected by popular vote.

In addition to gauging support for such a shift, the survey will help to determine which model of elected BOE will appear on any ballot measure put forward by Vote Montclair.

Local residents are encouraged to take the survey, which requires less than 10 minutes to complete and which can be found here.

About Vote Montclair

Vote Montclair is a non-partisan, local grassroots movement working to increase voter participation and engagement in Montclair, New Jersey.

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